Watervliet HS Intern Fuses Design with Personal Passion

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CSArch is proud to share its most recent internship success story involving a local high school student from Watervliet City School District, a long-term client of the firm.

Mustafa Raza, a senior at Watervliet High School, worked closely with CSArch mentor and building designer Bill Preskenis, spending a few hours each week learning the Autodesk Revit software and designing his own BMW car dealership, a project that fused his design interest with his passion for auto mechanics and luxury cars.

“After recognizing Mustafa’s interest in BMW cars, I used it as fuel to keep him engaged and help inform his design assignment,” said Preskenis. “While studying forms involving cars, he experienced a lightbulb moment, identifying the BMW headlight as a unique source of inspiration for his project.”

Raza, who will be graduating in June with plans to pursue architecture or engineering, culminated his 60-hour internship with a capstone presentation in February, during which he received rave reviews for his design and graphics.

“Mustafa has an innate ability to identify a design element and apply it to a project,” said Elizabeth Brutsch, an architect at the firm who serves as the Youth Internship Program Coordinator. “With school design being the focus of our firm, we are passionate about seeing students succeed, so it’s always exciting seeing their success happen right here in our office.”

CSArch has been hosting interns since opening its doors in 1991 and continues to welcome 2-4 students each semester through the Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP) at local schools.

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