thirdThursdayTALK Design Series Spurs Office Creativity

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To nurture the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of our staff, CSArch designers engage in design studies outside of our daily work. Teams identify design competitions and local opportunities that challenge the standard quo, and, in many cases, improve our environment and communities.

To share lessons learned and bring the rest of the staff into the creative process, design teams host a monthly discussion during our firm’s new thirdThursdayTalk series. Kicking off the series, designers presented their entry into the VModern Furniture Design Competition, an international award program presented by eVolo Magazine.  This digital ideas competition invites designers from around the world to discover and promote the most creative pieces of furniture to transform the way we live and interact with our environment. Submissions are judged on creativity, originality, feasibility, function, and aesthetics.

CSArch’s entry features a versatile piece of furniture called _60, designed to encourage users to adapt the surfaces to suit their lifestyle. Formed from a set of six interlocked, equilateral triangles, _60 rotates about multiple axes to form numerous furniture configurations.

CSArch Furniture Design Competition Entry

The _60 design team further describes their submission’s entry statement:

_60 creates versatility by designating specific folding edges.  Alternating these foldable edges both allows and limits the flexibility of the surfaces, with the latter constraints resulting in necessary rigidity for various arrangements.  The folds are controlled via continuous hinges with multi-snap-in-place functionality.  Each end triangle features a central fold for increased adaptability. 

 The materiality of _60 can be offered as glass-reinforced plastic, wood, or polystyrene foam. Soft surfaces are embedded into its faces at select locations to allow for comfortable seating, without interfering with work surface use.

Available in three sizes — small, medium, and large — _60 is a perfect companion for any lifestyle.  Whether constantly on the go, joining up with friends, or occupying your favorite room, _60 adapts to you.

A snapshot of the design process below:


Kudos to the design team!

(Craig Zygmund, Caitlin Daly, Brenden Brogan, Ashley Sheehan, William Preskenis, Richard Senior, Cathlene So, Amanda Turner, and Chris Wisdom.)

Stay tuned for more on our thirdThursdayTalk series!