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Greater Johnstown
Central School District


Greater Johnstown 
Central School District


To align physical space with the district's programming needs, CSArch provided district-wide renovations at Johnstown High School, Middle School and all three elementary schools.

Library Media Center

At the high school, the renovated library media center features soft seating, multiple group table options, and increased bookshelf space. Two smaller, glass-enclosed study rooms were designed for individual work or group collaboration.

Athletic Spaces

CSArch repaired the 40-year old pool and renovated the gymnasium, fitness center and locker rooms, which involved space reconfiguration to provide ADA compliant spectator seating and more functional space for physical education, athletics and extra-curriculars. 

Band and Chorus

The renovated high school band and chorus rooms feature tiered seating, improved acoustics, and increased instrument storage to accomodate the district's performing arts program.

Project Scope

Additional high school renovations improved the science wing, art classrooms, and technology suite. The 50-year old office space was renovated and expanded to provide accessibility for students with special needs and address privacy and confidentiality concerns. 

Renovations at the junior high school improved spaces for music, art, science, technology, and home economics. Improvements were made at all three elementary schools, including the creation of a STEM-based learning lab, space for a cafeteria and indoor recess, and art and music room renovations. Various health and safety concerns were addressed, resulting in the reconfiguration of student pick-up/drop-off areas and bus loops.


Johnstown, NY

Completion Date

September 2018


Library Media Center, Music, Athletics, Science Classrooms, Art Classrooms, Technology Classrooms, Food Service, Safety and Infrastructure

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