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Chemical Manufacturing Company Selkirk, NY

Laboratories and Corporate Offices

While its research and products are at the forefront of chemical manufacturing, this multinational leader’s local facility was struggling to support the modern desires of world-class talent. To ensure it could both recruit and retain employees and impress business partners, the company worked with CSArch to reimagine and renovate its 1980s facility into a precedent-setting laboratory rich with experience-enhancing design.

After a series of collaborative programming meetings with users, CSArch identified that the original facility lacked proper lighting, modernized IT systems, a gracious lobby and, most importantly, a modern and flexible work space to promote collaboration and innovative thinking.

By providing architecture, engineering, and interior design services, CSArch modernized the existing labs, offices, conference rooms and restroom facilities and installed new building systems. The finished facility is a complete transformation. Now, visiting staff, executives from abroad, and hundreds of dedicated scientists have a more authentic experience with the company’s innovative brand.

Manufacturing Laboratory Architecture and Engineering Solutions

  • The design team reorganized the interior layout and provided new spaces, including an open and inviting entry, main lobby and seating area, café, mailroom, pantry, and short-term docking stations for national and international visiting staff.
  • A series of individual, outdated labs were demolished and a single, open, and versatile state-of-the-art lab was created to support global research and testing.
  • To communicate transparency and openness, a combination of clear and transparent glazing film was used. The glass walls and introduction of full-height, exterior windows allow natural daylight to spread throughout the entire facility, improving overall ambiance.
  • A comprehensive re-do of the facility’s finishes and flooring elevated the aesthetic and user experience.
  • A new lobby, seating area, and café promote collaboration and socialization as employees and visitors mingle in these attractive, open spaces.
  • To accommodate meetings with global partners, both conference rooms and the main training room are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Strategic Laboratory Equipment and Material Selections included:

  • Lightly colored epoxy tops to provide a modern, efficient, low-maintenance lab surface
  • Flexible metal casework to accommodate changes in equipment or experimental needs
  • An open utilities/service chase to provide easy access to utilities and rear access to equipment
  • Low-maintenance, bacteria-resistant seamless epoxy floors
  • Flexible exhaust snorkels to provide localized exhaust
  • Variable air volume fume hoods to maintain constant face velocity and reduce operating costs
  • Humidity-controlled environment for consistent lab results
  • Motion sensor, direct-indirect light for a bright work space, even distribution of light levels, and energy conservation
  • Write-on surface for impromptu team collaboration
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