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CSArch Summer Interns Present Architectural Portfolios

This summer, CSArch is excited to welcome four college interns in our Albany and Newburgh offices. Led by student opportunity coordinators Elizabeth Brutsch and Bill Preskenis, our internship program provides hands-on, practical learning experiences that allow college students enrolled in an architecture or engineering program to work alongside CSArch project teams and enhance their design skills.

Yesterday afternoon, each intern presented their most memorable projects from their college design portfolios in a virtual luncheon, where they received praise for their creative design solutions, understanding of architectural software, and use of graphics to convey intention. While the students were able to gather valuable feedback, CSArch staff gained a better understanding of current architecture programs and how colleges are preparing students for their professional careers.

Rachel Collura
A fourth-year student at Marywood University, Rachel is pursuing a dual major in Architecture and Photography with a minor in Art History. Rachel’s presentation focused on her spring 2021 semester critique project. Based in the Kips Bay area of New York City, the project challenged her to create a relationship between street and building while keeping in mind the current situation in society during the COVID-19 pandemic. Coined “Corner Ground,” the project introduced her to the practical side of architecture, improved her computer design skills, and broadened her understanding of the technical aspects in executing a well-designed structure.

Rachel's final design integrates public and private space with abundant natural light and green spaces for a well-rounded living environment.

Kara Prack
Kara is entering her senior year at Norwich University in Vermont, where she is pursuing a major in Architecture and a minor in Art and Construction Management. Kara’s portfolio project, completed during her sophomore year while studying abroad in Berlin, Germany, includes the design of the Berlin Art Gallery Museum and seamlessly integrates the surrounding architecture through thoughtful design decisions. 

Located on the southeast side of the Tier Garten, the Berlin Art Gallery is inspired by the nearby Philharmonic, Miles Van Der Rohe, and Herzog De Meuron buildings.

Ryan Parks
An Architecture student at Roger Williams University, Ryan took a unique approach to the design of a dance club in Cologne, Germany. OBJÜCK, meaning “to go out” in German, is a contemporary nightclub that strives to provide a comfortable and sustainable environment for its users and the surrounding community. Designed below grade, the structure incorporates ceiling-oriented heat sinks and thermal piles to exhaust excess heat, enhancing comfort levels during high-capacity periods. 

The underground nature of the design allows for maximum green space for public use during the day and sound absorption to minimize disturbances during operational hours.

For the remainder of the summer, each intern will work closely with project managers, architects, engineers, and building designers on several CSArch projects, giving them invaluable exposure to the architecture and engineering professions and experience working collaboratively with project teams.