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Salmon River Central School District


Salmon River
Central School District


Salmon River CSD's only educational building was a sprawling, outdated, and unorganized facility that no longer fit the educational program of the 21st century. The goal of the project was to separate the elementary, middle, and high schools to provide distinct identities for each.

A Focus On Technology

Technology took front stage in the educational programming, featuring the first deployment of smart technology in every learning space. A new comprehensive technology/STEAM wing is shared with BOCES and enhances the district's tech curriculum 

New Cafeteria

The kitchen and cafeteria design modernized the existing space, increased seating capacity, and provided additional natural daylighting to reduce the use of electrical lighting.  

Project Scope

Additions at Salmon River CSD included a new library and gymnasium at the middle school, a new cafeteria and kitchen at both the high school and middle school, 36 new classrooms, and a comprehensive technology/STEAM wing shared with BOCES.

Technology upgrades provided the first dedicated space for Cisco telepresence for educational use. The building boasts daylight harvesting, deep daylighting, occupant triggered mechanical systems and a campus-wide ground source heat pump system that is projected to save almost 2 million gallons of oil over 20 years. 


Fort Covington, NY

Completion Date



General Classrooms, STEAM spaces, Cafeteria/Kitchen, Library, Gymnasium, Athletic Fields, Technology Infrastructure

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