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Hyde Park Central School District


Hyde Park Central School District


The $26.2 million capital project at Hyde Park Central School District addressed infrastructure needs and enhanced STEAM programming with the creation of a new science pod at FDR High School.


Chemistry, physics, earth science, and biology classrooms were each designed with unique furniture, storage and equipment, ensuring physical space meets the needs of the individual programs.

Science Labs

Science classrooms are now equipped with new casework and equipment storage, functioning fume hoods, and an adjacent prep space. Chemistry classrooms required height adjustable lab tables and specialized casework in the prep rooms to safely store chemicals. 

Pod Corridors

Existing corridors were renovated with new lockers, ceilings, flooring, and LED lighting. Breakout spaces are spread throughout the corridors to encourage increased collaboration among teachers and students. 

Project Scope

To consolidate instructional space and enhance STEAM programming, a two-story, 44,000 square foot addition constructed in 1976 was gut renovated to house a new science pod at F.D. Roosevelt High School. At Haviland Middle School, five science classrooms were renovated, including the conversion of two general classrooms into science labs. 

Critical infrastructure improvements include the replacement of the 50-70 year old heating and ventilation systems at FDR High School, Haviland Middle School, and North Park Elementary School.


Hyde Park, NY

Completion Date

September 2022


Science Labs, Corridors, Safety and Security, Infrastructure Improvements, General Classrooms