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Newburgh Free Library


Newburgh Free Library


Sparked by a desire to better reflect the social evolution of 21st century libraries as collaborative, technology-driven, and flexible environments, a master planning process began in 2020 that focused on enhancing visibility, natural light, cutting-edge technology, and connections to the surrounding community.

Opening doors to critical thinking creates a knowledgeable and productive citizenry. We honor our past and our stories through our new Local History Resource Center, and we prepare for our future with our new Technology Hub.”

Mary Lou Carolan, Executive Director at Newburgh Free Library
Instructional Communities
The design deconstructs traditional “silos” and replaces them with three interdisciplinary instructional communities to allow for greater collaboration among faculty and students.
  • Centralized support services such as the High School Counseling Center, psychological and social services, and the nurse’s office are located in the main school corridor to increase the ease of access for students and parents.

  • The STEM Learning Community features seven new laboratories that support science, technology, engineering and math.

  • The Humanities Learning Community supports English language arts, social studies and foreign languages with tiered classrooms that maximizes active learning.

  • The Fine and Performing Arts community provides spaces to inspire art and music. Band, Chorus and Orchestra have their own rehearsal spaces and six arts studio classrooms provide ample space for collaboration.

    Local History Resource Center

    An 850 SF Local History Resource Center houses local artifacts and rotating collections that define Newburgh's rich history and culture. A full height glazed partition, touch screen display, open shelving and file storage for artifacts and documents provide an enlarged, more comfortable space to browse, review, and research.

    Technology Hub

    The 620 SF Tech Hub empowers individuals to learn through technnology. While the space provides flexible group tables, increased power supply, and access to technology for today’s uses, adaptability was an important consideration to ensure future programming and educational opportunities will be supported.

    Project Scope

    CSArch was engaged in April 2020 to plan a long-term renovation and revitilization effort for the Newburgh Free Library. Phase 1 of the project, completed in January 2023, constructed a new Local History Resource Center and Tech Hub on the second floor. Toilet rooms were also renovated to enhance ADA compliancy. 

    The remaining project phases will focus on renovations to staff offices, youth and community rooms, small group learning spaces, library collections, and open reading areas to provide a transformative, inspiring, and flexible facility that connects the City of Newburgh to the library’s full range of offerings.


    Newburgh, New York


    Phase 1: 1,500 SF

    Completion Date

    Phase 1: January 2023


    Library Renovation, Master Plan, ADA Compliance, Toilet Room Renovations, Technology