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SUNY New Paltz


SUNY New Paltz


As part of a three-year Architectural Term Contract, CSArch provided design and construction services to renovate the lobby of the Jacobson Faculty Tower Building, which houses the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at SUNY New Paltz.

Design Characteristics

New lighting, ceilings, windows, and flooring update the existing space with soft, flexible furniture and acoustical ceiling treatments that support a comfortable, modern environment for faculty and students.

Mural Design

CSArch designed the new murals surrounding the elevators in the center of the space with vibrant colors that match the new furniture and a focus on the liberal arts and sciences.

Natural Light

Each wall of the lobby features floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing in abundant natural light and connecting the interior space to the surrounding campus.

Project Scope

SUNY New Paltz routinely undergoes renovations, modernization/upgrades, infrastructure replacements, and new construction projects. In 2017, the college hired CSArch under a three-year Term Contract to provide design and construction services for a variety of small renovation projects and various studies and investigative reports.

As part of the Architectural Term Contract, CSArch provided renovations to the Jacobson Faculty Tower Building. This project involved the planning, design, and construction administration for the renovation of the existing 3,000 sf JFT lobby into an updated space with a liberal arts and science focus. This includes demolition of an existing food service area, partial or complete removal of the existing ceiling, and removal of existing fixed furniture. The space contains new lighting and ceiling, new furniture, displays for student work, refinished existing flooring, as well as possible paint and minor electrical upgrades that could include charging stations for digital devices.


New Paltz, NY


3,000 SF

Completion Date

August 2019


Lobby Renovation, Flexible Furniture, Interior Design