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Northern Adirondack Central School District


Northern Adirondack
Central School District


District-wide improvements at Northern Adirondack CSD were essential to maintain school facilities by enhancing interior and exterior program spaces and performing infrastucture maintenance and technology upgrades.

CSArch can best be described as professional and committed to providing experienced and above and beyond service to our school district. The team of individuals working on our project is top-notch, and their ability to keep myself and the Board of Education informed has been excellent.”

Laura J. Marlow, Former Superintendent of Schools at Northern Adirondack CSD
Pool Improvements

A complete renovation to the pool upgraded the gutter, pool finishes, filtration and treatment systems and added natural light to enhance the space. 

Multi-purpose Gymnasium

Due to space constraints for extracurricular sports, a new multi-purpose gymnasium was created, featuring field accessible lavatories and a concession stand. A natural daylighting strategy on three sides of the gymnasium allow for activities without the use of electric lighting.

Project Scope

Renovations and additions to the middle and high schools addressed inadequate space for educational and athletic programs.

The original 1970's construction left the school devoid of an appropriately scaled, identifiable, and welcoming main entry. The new main entrance allows for maximum southern orientation in a soaring two-story space while allowing direct northern light to filter into the main offices. The new entry functions as a security control point and is immediately visible from the campus entry and allows long views to the campus from the main office. Additional work included reconfiguration of the existing library, complete pool renovations, auditorium improvements, and a new multi-purpose gymnasium addition.


Ellenburgh Depot, NY

Completion Date

January 2013


Athletic Spaces, Pool Improvements, Secure Vestibule/Main Office, Auditorium, Library, Safety and Infrastructure

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