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CSArch Headquarters


CSArch Headquarters

Albany Office Renovation

In 2018, CSArch completed an office renovation to address the changing nature of the workplace. The new space, open and inviting, contrasts the historical nature of the space with a clean, modern palette.

A New Workplace Environment
The move to an open environment promotes collaboration. Employees sit facing each other in team-based clusters, which encourages dialogue, while at the same time allowing employees to remain at their desks and continue working.
A Blend of Modern and Traditional

Modern ergonomic furniture, a vibrant color palette and LED lighting contrasts the historical elements of the building such as the brick walls, wood floors and exposed piping and duct work to balance the space.

Employee Health and Wellness

A “living room” area with an open kitchen, high-top counters and comfortable seating gives employees the opportunity to take necessary breaks from their desks and socialize with coworkers.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are equipped with flat screen monitors and write-on whiteboard walls that allow employees to share ideas and presentations, which helps facilitate group discussion. Floor-to-ceiling glass promotes a sense of openness and invites more natural light.

Project Scope

The renovated CSArch office allows natural daylight to penetrate the floor plan and reach all employees. Furniture systems are laid out to support team-based clusters, promoting dialogue and collaboration, and are supported by various meeting spaces from individual to small and large groups with integrated technology.

The new space supports productivity and spontaneous socialization with a living space, open kitchen, and various formal and informal meeting spaces. The newly renovated office space features automated sit-stand desktops, modern furniture, and energy-efficient LED lighting.


Albany, NY


14,000 SF

Completion Date

May 2018


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