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East Greenbush
Central School District


East Greenbush
Central School District


As part of a $24.5 million capital project, district-wide improvements were implemented to strengthen safety and security, upgrade technology, and improve food service.

Secure Entrances and Vestibules

All student-occupied buildings were improved with new secure entrances, greeter stations, and advanced lock and alarm systems to control building access. Main office updates now give staff a clear line-of-sight to see who enters and exits the building.

Cafeteria Renovations

Columbia High School's cafeteria underwent renovations and an addition to enlarge the space and flow into the school's courtyard. The new design supports an increased seaing capacity, provides natural daylight, and shortens the meal serving time.

Project Scope

Secure entrances were designed for all student-occupied buildings to include a single, well-defined main entry point. Staff can now clearly observe the lobby, entry, surrounding hallways, as well as the drop-off and parking area to ensure student safety.

In six of the district's seven school buildings additional cafeteria and kitchen renovations have taken place, new secure entrances have been designed, and technology and temperature controls have been upgraded to better serve students and ensure increased safety.



East Greenbush, NY

Completion Date

Fall 2016


Food Service, Safety and Security

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