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Herkimer College


Herkimer College


In order to continue to recruit top talent and uphold its standing as a reputable athletic program, Herkimer College recognized a need to modernize their athletic stadium with a new turf field.

Wehrum Stadium

This state-of-the-art athletic stadium is one of the few community college facilities in New York State with an all-weather, synthetic turf field. The stadium features home, visiting and officials' locker rooms, an athletic training room, and new bleacher seating.

Improved Logo 

In addition to a new turf, CSArch provided design support to prominently display the Generals logo on the field and showcase the college's pride in its athletic program. 

Project Scope

The Wehrum Stadium field hosts the college's soccer and lacrosse games, high school and local team sports, and annual tournaments, including the NJCAA Regional and National Championship. After conducting significant research, completing multiple site visits, and receiving $700,000 in grants, the college decided to replace the turf. 

A long-term design partner with the college, CSArch managed the specification and installation of the field and helped design an improved Generals logo. After an investigation of the field drainage, it was concluded that the underlying infrastructure was performing to the required standards, allowing the new turf to go over the field's existing subbase. The new all-weather, synthetic turf features improved fiber that has better playing and wear features and will serve the college and community for years to come. 


Herkimer, New York

Completion Date

June 2018


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