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Herkimer College


Herkimer College


Originally constructed in 1969, the dining center at Herkimer College appeared dated and uninspiring with aging infrastructure, porous walls and ceiling finishes, and subpar serving line equipment.

We are over the top about the cafeteria. It is really just spectacular, and I have had a ball walking alumni and visitors through the campus and seeing their oohs and aahhhs and wows. It's really so much more than I could have ever expected, and we just love, love, love it."

Ann Marie Murray, Former President of Herkimer College
Improved Maintenaince

Brand new kitchen appliances and stainless steel and scratch-resistant surfaces avoid the need for maintenance upgrades for years to come. 

Open Design Layout

The overall layout of the dining center improves traffic circulation and reduces waiting time, creating an positive atmosphere for students and faculty. 

Extended Durability

Finishes were strategically chosen to provide enhanced durability, reducing long-term environmental impacts and maintenance. Durability was an important goal of the dining center, knowing it would need to accomodate heavy student traffic.

Project Scope

In response to Herkimer College's goal to update all campus spaces and services, project designers delivered a new dining experience that presents a complete functional upgrade.

During campus tours, prospective students are now confidently guided through the renovated space to showcase a key part of student life. With a focus on simplification, the design uses a pleasantly understated palette of floor and wall tiles. The new lighting layout and the color and selection of the floor, wall, and ceiling finishes make for a more exciting interior that improves the presentation of food. Subtle angles of the ceiling and brightly colored plaster walls open the space, making it visually appear spacious.


Herkimer, NY

Completion Date

September 2013


Outstanding Design Award, American School & University, Educational Interiors Showcase, 2014


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