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Herkimer College


Herkimer College


The Student Learning Laboratory renovation project has changed the dynamics of the classroom and created spaces that foster more student collaboration and innovation.

Quality Assurance Lab

The Quality Assurance Lab is a modern, vibrant space  featuring write-on wall surfaces, 3D printing, mobile workstations, and wireless connectivity. 

Entrepreneurial Center

An ordinary classroom was transformed into a flexible Entrepreneurial Center, designed for multiple configurations. The new space, transparent and inviting, now hosts a variety of events, including meetings, classes, and seminars. 

Project Scope

This project created two new classroom spaces: The Quality Assurance Lab and the Entrepreneurial Center. The Quality Assurance Lab renovation transformed an existing under-utilized lecture room into a multi-curriculum, flexible student-learning laboratory with flexible furnishings and technology outlets.

The space supports the Engineering Science department and is used for workforce development. The Entrepreneurial Center is a versatile space, suitable for several student and faculty functions. This includes senior level business courses, as well as non-credit programming, meetings, workshops, and seminars.


Herkimer, NY

Completion Date

Fall 2015


Academic Classrooms, Laboratories, Innovation Spaces

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