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Herkimer Diamond Mines


Herkimer Diamond Mines


After a crippling fire in 2017, CSArch designed the new “Miner’s village” at the Herkimer Diamond Mines. The village features a new registration entry, retail store, cafe, picnic area, education venue and jewlery activity center.

The New Miner's Village

The Herkimer Diamond Mines KOA Resort has been an internationally-recognized tourist destination for over 30 years, attracting over 150,000 visitors per year. It is the world destination to mine for the infamous Herkimer Diamonds.

Village Hall

Coined Village Hall, the new registration building sells mining tickets and sluicing bags for children. Building signage helps visitors navigate though the village to improve the mining experience. 

The Canteen Cafe

A cafe with indoor and outdoor picnic seating offers an area for visitors to grab a bite to eat before heading out to the mines. The Cafe features a full kitchen with seating for up to 50 people.

Rock Hound Academy and Trading Post

The Rock Hound Academy is an educational venue where visitors learn the basics of diamond mining. The Trading Post is a new retail store featuring souvenirs, Herkimer diamonds, and various gems from around the world.

Project Scope

In October 2017, a crippling fire burned down the original building at the Herkimer Diamond Mines. Following the fire, CSArch was hired to design a new “Miner's Village” that would enlarge the space and allow management to place a greater emphasis on retail, activities, and food service.

The original barn housed the miners store, learning center, and registration booth all under one roof. The building was outdated and lacked adequate space needed to offer more products and services. The new design is fresh and vibrant while still highlighting the natural and wooden elements that reflect the surrounding campground and diamond mines. 


Herkimer, NY

Completion Date

April 2019


Visitors Center, Retail Space, Food Service, Outdoor Activity Areas

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