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CSArch is partnering with Ichabod Crane Central School District to complete a capital improvement project that will modernize existing facilities, improve educational and athletic programs, and address health, safety and infrastructure conerns across all student-occupied buildings.

Guidance Suite

The existing guidance office was expanded and renovated to incorporate additional student support services, resulting in a more open, collaborative space for student resources. The renovations provided a more welcoming entry and gathering area for one-on-one or small group meetings between students and counselors.

Art Classrooms

Renovations to three art classrooms provided new finishes, casework to accommodate specific storage needs, and overhead electric cord reels for improved flexibility, enhancing the creative environment. A new dark room was constructed, designed to support the school's popular photography program.

Technology and Engineering Addition

The existing high school will be reconfigured to support the district's STEAM program, allowing for a new technology and engineering addition. The addition will include a transportation and materials shop, wood shop, two innovation labs, and a CNC fabrication classroom.

Science Renovations

In the science wing, biology, physics, chemistry and earth science classrooms will be renovated to support hands-on learning. Flexible furniture and new lab stations will allow teachers to organize their classrooms to support a variety of lessons.

Athletics Improvements

The project will renovate and expand the gymnasium within the building's footprint to better accommodate the school's physical education and athletics programs, allowing for increased bleacher seating and storage space. 

Project Scope

Approved by voters in December 2018, the district-wide capital project will enhance academic programming, athletics, health and safety, and infrastructure. 

Additional improvements at the high school include auditorium renovations to modernize the space and improve lighting and sound technologies. Middle school classroom wings require renovations to fit the needs of 21st century classroom design by promoting collaboration, connectivity and flexibility.

Secure entances will be designed at all school buildings in order to provide a single entry point that allows administrators to clearly see who enters and exits the building. Bullet-proof windows and a sophisticated lock system will give students and faculty a feeling of safety in the event of an emergency.


Valatie, NY

Estimated Completion Date

Fall 2022


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