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Ichabod Crane Central School District


Ichabod Crane
Central School District


Following an extensive planning process to identify and prioritize facility improvements, Ichabod Crane Central School District partnered with CSArch to complete a capital project that modernized educational spaces, enhanced athletic facilities, and addressed health, safety and infrastructure concerns across all three school buildings.

STEAM Center

The high school technology program previously operated out of a dated space that was too small to support the instructional changes in CTE programs. The new STEAM Center addition separates design space from the adjacdent woodshop and automotive classrooms, allowing the district to introduce new courses and better engage students in various trades programs.

Science Classrooms

Complete renovations to the high school science classroom provided new lighting, finishes, casework, and lab furniture to better reflect 21st century science instruction.

Guidance Suite

The existing guidance office was renovated to provide a more open, collaborative space for student support services. Students now have a more welcoming space to discuss course selection and receive counseling services throughout the school year. 

Gymnasium Renovation

The existing middle school gymnasium was gut renovated to make way for a new enlarged gymnasium to host athletic events and physical education classes.  

Project Scope

Approved by voters in December 2018, the district-wide capital project enhanced academic programming, athletics, health and safety, and infrastructure. 

Additional improvements at the high school included auditorium renovations for improve lighting and sound technologies. Safety and security upgrades created new secure vestibules at all 3 schools with bullet-proof windows and a sophisticated lock system to give students and faculty a feeling of safety in the event of an emergency. Middle school classroom pods were renovated to provide improved lighting, technology, and finishes.

A new road connecting all three schools reduces the student pick-up and drop-off time. The reconfiguration of the middle school parking lot separates bus from vehicle traffic and alleviates congestion.


Valatie, NY

Completion Date

August 2022


STEAM Programs, Physical Education & Athletics, Student Support Services, Safety & Security, Infrastructure Improvements

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