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Marlboro Central
School District


Marlboro Central
School District


In May 2019, voters approved a $19.5 million capital improvement project at Marlboro CSD. Coined the Vision 2020 Capital Project, this investment will address key health and safety issues, enhance specialized instructional program areas, and improve spaces for student/family support services, physical education and food serice.

High School Athletic Site Improvements

At the high school, the outdoor track and turf was refurbished to improve the safety and durability of athletic fields.

Flexible Makerspaces

At the middle school, makerspaces will be designed through a new innovation lab and technology classroom that supports 21st century STEAM learning. The makerspaces will allow students to collaborate with peers, employ critical thinking, and be creative in a flexible environment. 

Performing Arts

A new music/orchestra addition will more than double the size of the existing rehearsal space, enhancing flexibility, instrument storage, and acoustics to support the district's performing arts program. 

Performing Arts Addition Drone Video

Visual Arts

The high school art suite will mirror a collegiate or studio art setting, encouraging creative expression, with adequate storage, proper natural light, and an adjacent graphic arts lab. 

Student Support Services

Student support services at the middle school and high school will be consolidated to provide an open, optimized layout for counselors with common meeting/conferencing areas and appropriate records storage. 

Safety and Security

All three schools will receive new secure entries and vestibules with safe building access and greeter stations to provide physical protection into the main office. The relocation and redesign of the main offices will provide more efficient student and visitor entry, while allowing proper credential exchange and line of sight.

High School Fitness Center

The expanded fitness center better supports Marlboro student athletes and the physical education program. 

Entry Canopy Inspiration from Oak Trees

The design of the entry canopy at the middle school is inspired by two long-standing oak trees that provide shade over the new parking lots. 

Project Scope

Marlboro Central School District's capital project will optimize educational space, address key infrastructure deficiencies, and improve health/safety issues.

At the high school, improvements include renovations to the nursing suite, cafeteria, student support services, art studios, music and athletics. Middle school renovations include an innovation lab and technology classroom, a new studio art room and adjacent graphic arts lab, nursing suite, cafeteria, and a new orchestra/music addition. All lobbies will receive new secure vestibules, greeting stations, and main office updates. 


Milton, NY


28,875 SF

Estimated Completion Date

September 2021


Special Mention, American Institute of Architects, Westchester Hudson Valley Chapter, 2019


STEAM Classrooms, Innovation Lab, Safety and Security, Cafeteria, Music, Athletics, Art Classrooms

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