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Menands School District


Menands School District


Menands School District underwent a significant reorganization, which defined a central core of shared support services and distinguished multiple learning communities separated by age group.

CSArch was able to create a design that capitalized on renovations to the existing structure and add new space that would allow us to fulfill the mission and vision of the district. They worked in tandem with our fiscal advisors to maximize available funding and to skillfully navigate the NYSED approval process.”

Dr. Maureen A. Long, Superintendent of Schools at Menands School
Classroom Wing Addition

At the rear of the building, a 2-story classroom wing houses five additional middle school classrooms, including a new science lab.

Pre-K Addition

To introduce a new pre-k program into the school, a small addition was designed in front of the building to house a pre-k classroom with designated areas for group play and learning. 

General Classrooms

Renovations to general classrooms were required to improve space utilization and increase student engagement with an updated, modern appearance.

Project Scope

Three building additions were constructed to reorganize space and distinguish multiple learning communities, including a 2-story classroom addition, a pre-k addition, and an addition to expand the school's cafeteria.

The interior renovations were designed to incorporate a makerspace for hands-on education and creation, and an "extended learning room" included within each of the learning communities to encourage collaborative student work. Small group meeting rooms are located adjacent to these rooms for varied group sizes. Additional renovations improved general purpose classrooms and specialized classrooms, such as science laboratories, art, and music classrooms. In addition to district-wide safety and security upgrades, infrastructure improvements included sitework and roofing work.


Menands, NY

Completion Date

September 2019


General Classrooms, Science Labs, Art Classrooms, Music Classroom, Cafeteria, Safety and Security

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