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North Colonie
Central School District


North Colonie
Central School District


North Colonie is undergoing a $106 million capital project that will create new and flexible learning spaces for hands-on, project-based learning in STEAM. Additional classroom spaces will address continued enrollment growth and security upgrades will strengthen safety at each school.

We have been loyal customers of CSArch since its organization in the early 1990s. In fact, we were their first public school client and have maintained a very strong working relationship since then."

Joseph Corr, Superintendent of Schools at North Colonie CSD
Shaker Middle School Addition

A new two-story classroom addition was constructed at Shaker Middle School to accomodate grades 6-8. Each hall was purposefully assigned a unique color scheme with general classrooms, science classrooms, and innovation labs to establish familiarity and manage increasing student enrollment.

Innovation Labs 

Five distinct innovation labs are dispersed throughout the middle school addition to support programs including Videography, Coding, Health and Wellness, Humanities, and Makerspace. 

Cafeteria Addition

A new cafeteria at the middle school will accommodate increasing student enrollment and features flexible furniture options intended for socialization. A new servery line with updated equipment and appliances will alleviate congestion and improve flow between spaces.

Library Media Center

A gut renovation of the library media center at Shaker Middle School added substantial shelving space, flexible furniture and comfortable seating, as well as much-needed ceiling and carpet replacements.


A complete renovation of the existing auditorium included new seating, flooring, acoustical wall and ceiling treatments, stage curtain, and sound and video technology. To accommodate larger gatherings, foldable chairs matching the pattern of the auditorium seating can be easily assembled in front of the stage.  

Athletic Improvements

A new multi-purpose synthetic turf field, bleachers, tennis court complex, baseball and softball fields, concession building, and storage facility bolstered the district's athletics program while improving traffic flow on the busy site.

Project Scope

Studies concluded that the district's enrollment will increase by more than 900 students over the next decade. Additions and renovations at the elementary schools and the conversion of Shaker Junior High School into a 6-8 middle school will accommodate the increase.

The project includes: a new athletic field, expansion of the library/media centers, multi-use labs, and project-based learning classrooms at all elementary schools. At Shaker Junior High School, the project will construct a new hall for grades 6-8, create additional technology, music, and art classrooms, expand the cafeteria, renovate the auditorium, and move student services to the front of the building. 


Latham, New York


211,000 SF

Estimated Completion Date



Athletic Fields, Academic Classrooms, Library Media Center, Science Labs, Fine Arts Classrooms, Cafeteria, Auditorium, Safety and Infrastructure

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