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North Colonie Central School District Latham, NY

District-wide Capital Improvements

North Colonie CSD is undergoing a district-wide capital project focused on addressing an ongoing enrollment crunch at the elementary level, where classrooms have surpassed capacity in certain buildings. Because studies concluded that the district’s enrollment will increase by more than 900 students over the next decade, the project will build space to accommodate the increase, including additions and renovations work at the elementary schools and the conversion of the Shaker Junior High School to a 6-8 middle school.

The project also included construction of a new athletic field at the High School. The new turf field allows for use by various sporting programs with no donwtime in between. The project will also expand the library/media centers, multi-use labs for science, engineering, robotics, computing, and other project-based learning classrooms at all elementary schools. At Shaker Junior High School, the project will construct a new hall for grades 6-8, create additional technology, music, and art classrooms, expand the cafeteria, renovate the existing auditorium, and move student services to the front of the building. Various improvements will be made to the overall infrastructure and to the project site to alleviate traffic congestion.

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