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Utica University


Utica College’s Construction Management program was quickly becoming one of their fastest growing degree programs, with student enrollment expected to exceed 120. Hubbard Hall, one of the oldest buildings on the campus, could no longer accommodate the needs of the program.

When people enter Thurston Hall, they don’t necessarily know why they feel the way they feel. But it’s because of the architecture, the symmetry, proportion, scale, and the clever use of bringing the outside in.”

David Dubbelde, Ph.D, Director and Assistant Professor of Construction Management at Utica College
Inviting Lobby

Upon entering, the new lobby provides comfortable seating and direct access to the administrative offices and multi-use auditorium, taking advantage of double-height space to add natural light. 

ACCE-Compliant Materials Laboratory

Prior to the Thurston Hall renovation, material classes were held off campus, and transportation to and from the site was inconvenient for the growing program. The new fully equipped materials laboratory complies with ACCE accreditation requirements and features exposed materials necessary for hands-on lessons. 

Multi-Use Auditorium

The new ground floor, multi-purpose space supports group instruction, seminars, presentations, and student and alumni gatherings. The auditorium seats approximately 120 occupants and its flexible and modular design allows for easy reconfiguration into two smaller classrooms.

New Classrooms and Office Space

Thurston Hall houses four standard classrooms, four faculty offices, conference rooms, and a reception area, supporting the program’s current enrollment as well as anticipated future growth.

CM Computer Laboratories 

As the program grew, the existing laboratories were exceeding capacity. The hardware in use was outdated and unable to accommodate new releases of construction programs. The new CM computer labs provide specialized workstations that support construction modeling and estimating software.

During homecoming weekend at Utica College, students, faculty and alumni celebrated the dedication of Thurston Hall, the new home of their Construction Management program.

Project Scope

The CM program lacked up-to-date computer labs, meeting spaces and classrooms. Due to the non-existence of an on-site materials lab, the program could not receive accreditation from the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).

CSArch determined it was more cost-effective and energy efficient for the college to construct a new CM facility that would easily allow for added classroom space as needed to accommodate rising enrollment. The new 15,000 sf Thurston Hall features smart classrooms, computer labs, a multi-use auditorium, conference room, and faculty offices. Thurston Hall will allow room for growth of the CM program while supporting efforts to attract quality students and enhance faculty recruitment.


Utica, NY


15,000 SF

Completion Date

October 2018


Smart Classrooms, Materials Lab, Computer Labs, Faculty Offices, Meeting Spaces, Multi-Use Auditorium

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